Free Trial

How It Works

KENJI puts your likes on autopilot for Instagram, liking posts based on settings you specify within your dashboard. In return, this gets you more organic likes, followers, story views, and engagement. KENJI will never auto-follow or comment on your behalf.

We offer a 3-day free trial completely free. 

You don't need to add your credit card or any other payment details with us to get started. 

Please note your KENJI free trial runs on the SHOGUN PLAN.

Free Trial Setup

Hashtag Targeting

By inputting hashtags on your dashboard, you're indicating to KENJI what type of posts you'd like to engage with. Usually, KENJI users add hashtags they're interested in and/or hashtags related to their account. This means the followers they get will be relevant to their industry and niche.'


By using HyperTargetâ„¢, you're able to specify Instagram accounts, you will engage with their followers. This allows you to 'copy' a competitor or larger account, getting you more followers from their audience. This works very well for anyone looking to really grow their account. 

KENJI uses machine learning to pick the best users to engage with, maximizing your growth.

When Does the Trial Start

Your free trial starts as soon as you signed up to KENJI.

You will be reminded to subscribe via email, and you can see on your dashboard when your free trial time is up. You will not be charged automatically when the free trial ends, it's up to you whether you subscribe or not.

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