Inappropriate Liking Activity

This is a rare occurrence, and first we would like to apologize if you have experienced it.

In case of inappropriate liking activity, please follow the below steps and contact our support with any further questions at

1. Open your KENJI Settings and make sure that the "Explicit Content Filter" is set to "On". This should prevent KENJI from interacting with explicit content.

2. Review the hashtags you've included in your settings. It may be that some of those are too big for KENJI to effectively interact with (for example, "model" or "photo"), and result in unwanted activity. We highly recommend adding more specific and niche hashtags.

3. Use the Blacklist feature in your Settings to avoid interaction with irrelevant accounts.

4. Users of the SHOGUN plan can also add specific hashtags that KENJI will avoid interacting with using the Negative Keywords feature in the Settings.

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