Intro to KENJI

What is KENJI?

KENJI puts your likes on autopilot for Instagram, follows & unfollows people, likes posts based on settings you specify within your dashboard. In return, this gets you more organic likes, followers, story views, and engagement.

Key Features

 Here are some of the key features you need to know about KENJI.

Machine Learned

Kenji has been trained to serve you well. Our bot predicts who is most likely to follow you based on similar interests.

  • Hashtag Targeting. Find people relevant to your niche according to hashtags that you specify.
    Pick up more relevant Instagram followers at speed.
  • Location Targets. Not just looking for followers based on their interests?
    Find new Instagram followers based on their location. KENJI does all the heavy lifting.

Fast & Optimized

Kenji works quickly throughout the day and night, picking up more followers for your Instagram accounts.

  • Any Device. Access the best Instagram bot from any device. KENJI does everything for you without installing any software.

  • Cutting Edge AI. KENJI is the only Instagram bot that uses artificial intelligence to maximize your social media presence.

  • Performance Data. Clean, clear charts that track your growth are available on a daily basis.

Easy Setup

It's incredibly easy to set up Kenji. Spend a minute setting up and we promise you months of results. It's so simple!

Free Trial Available

We offer a 3-day free trial completely free. When we say free - we mean it! You don't need to add your credit card or any other payment details with us to get started. When your time's up, we'll ask you if you enjoyed your time with us and offer you the chance to subscribe. 3 days should be more than enough time for you to get more organic followers with us.

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