Setup KENJI in 3 Easy Steps

KENJI can get you set up and growing your Instagram in 3 simple, speedy steps. Here's how:

Step 1

Sign up to KENJI and add your Instagram account to your dashboard.

We ensure your password is securely encrypted via the cloud to maximize your security. KENJI takes your account safety incredibly seriously.

Step 2

Add  #Hashtags and use the HyperTarget™feature to get the right Instagram followers.

By inputting hashtags on your dashboard, you're indicating to KENJI what type of posts you'd like to engage with. Usually, KENJI users add hashtags they're interested in and/or hashtags related to their account. This means the followers they get will be relevant to their industry and niche.

By using HyperTarget™, you're able to specify Instagram accounts, you will engage with their followers. This allows you to 'copy' a competitor or larger account, getting you more followers from their audience. This works very well for anyone looking to really grow their account. KENJI uses machine learning to pick the best users to engage with, maximizing your growth.

Step 3

Sit back, relax, and watch your Instagram account grow with more organic followers. 

Nothing else needs to be done on your end! KENJI has been built with simplicity in mind. KENJI grows your Instagram and is the most hands-off experience available.

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